The Majority of Georgians Want Gun Sense for Public Safety

  • We know that most Georgians agree that our citizens are in danger from our out-of-control gun policies.  We are not trying to take anyone’s guns away.

  • But the new law (HB 60) which allow guns in bars, churches, government buildings and airports is a threat to public safety, and a violation of plain old common sense.

  • The saddest part is that long before HB60 (which no one asked for but the gun lobbies) Georgia was notorious for lax gun laws that led to our state being among the highest for gun trafficking and gun violence.

  • And Georgia requires no training to obtain a gun permit, despite the fact that 80% of all Georgians think that it should be a requirement.

So Why Do We Have These Gun Laws?

From Left:  State Rep Allan Powell, Chairman of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee for the Georgia House of Representatives (which reviews and approves gun bills for a floor vote) and  Georgia Carry Lobbyist William Woodall celebrate the passage of HB60, the “guns everywhere bill”.

The gun lobbies, such as Georgia Carry (whose lawyers helps write these gun bills) use fear tactics and campaign donations to control our state legislators. We need efforts, your voice and your contributions to present this simple message to Georgia politicians.

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