About Us

The GunSense Georgia Coalition was formed in 2013 to advocate for common sense firearms policies to protect public safety and reduce gun violence in Georgia.

The group includes concerned citizens and gun safety advocacy organizations including:

The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (GA. Chapter), OutCry (an interfaith advocacy group) and others.

GunSense Georgia is a non-partisan organization dedicated to providing a voice that is listened to, respected and represented by Georgia’s legislators and government officials who create gun policy in our state.

  • The gun lobbies have mythologized their version of the 2nd amendment to successfully advocate for a state in which gun owners have few restrictions of any kind in regard to how firearms are purchased, who can possess them and where they can be taken in public places.
  • The gun lobbies have worked tirelessly and with zealous intensity to bend the Georgia legislature to their will. EVEN BEFORE THE PASSAGE OF HOUSE BILL 60, the “guns everywhere” bill which allows loaded firearms in bars, churches, airports and government buildings, Georgia had some of the most lax gun laws, among the worst statistics for gun violence in the nation.
  •  FACT SHEET Georgia Domestic Violence and Guns October 2014